Working hours and breaks can be recorded in a flexible and straightforward manner and in compliance with the current Working Hours Act.

You can enter ‘Start’, ‘Break’ or ‘Going home’ in the chatbot and the rest runs automatically

Your employees can record their daily working hours and breaks efficiently and accurately, in natural language, e.g. via Skype or Telegram.

Overtime, extra pay etc. are determined automatically. Employees can easily view their working time account by sending a natural language request to the chatbot. This type of communication makes the application very suitable for everyday use.


  • Recording of working times and break times
  • Recording of project times
  • Automatic calculation of overtime and extra pay
  • Fixed-time and flexitime working models
  • In-house working time models can be defined
  • Overview of the hours actually worked and the ordinary working hours
  • Reminder function for daily recording of working hours


  • Automatic control of legal regulations and in-house working time models
  • Clear view of the hours worked in various displays
  • Straightforward and time-efficient recording of working times and breaks
  • Time recording anywhere and at any time via the chatbot is ideal for employees working on assignments outside of the company.

The time recording contains the following information and overviews:

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