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You can use the chat window in ‘Danielle Talk’ to record your working hours, either by a mobile device such as Messenger or directly in the Danielle Software.

Recording the duration of working time

At the end of the day, you can capture all the hours worked, with or without breaks.

All you have to do is enter how long you worked in the chat window. It is only possible to record working hours on the actual day, e.g. not for the day before or for a future date.


The times captured in the chatbot are stored directly in the application for each employee.

A working time of 8 hours and an additional 30-minute break recorded using the chatbot.

Time recording in real-time

Just use our help function and click on the button Time recording. Then you can either start, interrupt or end working time.

Start working time

When you press Start, your working time is started at the same time. You can start your working time each morning directly when your working day begins.

Breaks in working time

Users can start and stop their breaks in the same way. 

End working time

When a break ends, working time recording is started again.


The end of working time is not based on a break, because according to the Working Hours Act, a break may not be at the beginning or end of working time.


Working time recorded via the chatbot in real-time as displayed for the HR department

It is even easier if you just enter commands in the chatbot such as Start work, Taking a break, Stop work.

Start of working time

Start of break


Display of an entry in Danielle Software


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