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Surcharge models

If your employees are eligible for surcharges, you have to define the corresponding surcharge models first.

Open the Setup application, and navigate to Surcharge models.

Click on Create new entry.

Fill in the relevant fields and apply restrictions, if necessary.


The individual surcharges need to be defined in detail (refer to the screenshot). To do this, navigate to Surcharges, and click onCreate new entry.

If necessary, a surcharge account can be assigned (see “Surcharge Accounts”).

Since night work possibly continues after midnight, surcharges spanning more than one day need to be entered in two steps. Step 1: “from xx to 12 a.m.”. Step 2: “from 12 a.m. to xx”.


Make sure to enter a self-explanatory name for the surcharge, so that it can be assigned to employees more easily, e.g. “Surcharge Night/Sat/Sun/Hol”.

Here, all surcharges (for night work, Saturday work, Sunday work and holiday work) are assigned to the employee. Other employees might work on a public holiday, but never at night or during weekends, thus requiring a different surcharge, e.g. “Surcharge Hol” (holiday).


Surcharge models can only be edited or deleted as long as they have not been assigned to an employee yet.

Surcharge accounts

If your company pays out several surcharges with different surcharge rates (percentages), you should use surcharge accounts. For each surcharge account, a column is created in the time recording view, allowing you to exactly trace the different amounts. Otherwise, all surcharges are collectively shown in one column.

To create a surcharge account, click on.

A window opens allowing you to edit the surcharge accounts by selecting them and or creating a new surcharge account using theNew entry button.

Enter a name for your surcharge account. It makes sense to choose a name that corresponds to the type of surcharge.

For the surcharges of the corresponding surcharge model, select the previously created surcharge account in order to create a separate column in the “Time recording” and “Settlement” applications. Surcharges with the same surcharge rate can also be assigned to the same account.


Surcharge accounts can only be cancelled as long as they are not assigned to a surcharge. Otherwise, it is not possible to cancel the respective entry.

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