Danielle Software is a web service for human resources departments that is geared towards providing small and medium-sized enterprises with solutions that can be implemented quickly via the internet and be used directly by these departments without incurring major project costs.

You can find more information on our solutions in our documentation:

Danielle Talk

Let the chatbot ‘Danielle Talk’ answer your employees’ routine questions automatically round the clock.

The chatbot Danielle Talk is your robotic employee, able to communicate in natural language and specialised in personnel matters. ‘Danielle Talk’ replies to any queries from the workforce quickly and reliably. Employees can apply for leave or approvals or submit a doctor’s note according to predefined rules. None of these activities is limited to any specific time. ‘Danielle Talk’ operates with various chat and language platforms, including Telegram, Skype and Google Assistant.

Daily Topics

Not only will you never miss a birthday or anniversary again, you will always have a clear overview of all the agreements made with your staff.

You will also receive an automatic message from the software, e.g. by e-mail, containing the latest news.

Why not ‘go paperless’ and digitise your business?

Who is who?

Who is Who is a staff, telephone and e-mail directory for the entire group of companies. When you select an employee, you receive public data on how to contact them and how to reach them.

 Electronic personnel files 

All personnel information and personnel files, including changes, can be stored in the electronic personnel file

A personnel file, which covers the entire manual filing process, ranging from job applications, employment contracts, additional agreements, documents and all kinds of information, can be used accordingly. When you conduct a survey, digital personnel files are created for the participants you have selected when the survey is activated. These files can be accessed from the time you send the e-mails to the participants earmarked for the survey. 

If you wish, you can purchase only the electronic personnel file and decide to implement a survey later. You simply and clearly capture all the personnel details for your staff in a mask which gives you access to the data from anywhere.


Let your leave approval processes be carried out automatically. Consult the multi-lingual chatbot.

The workload in HR departments can be reduced by implementing an automatic management of absences, dealing with routine issues such as doctor’s notes or applications for leave. The chatbot recognises the request and provides an answer according to preconfigured criteria. This process is integrated entirely in the file. You have complete access to the history list of approvals and the accounts. In this way, the HR department is available for your staff round the clock.

Time recording

Working hours can be recorded in a flexible and straightforward manner and in compliance with the current Working Hours Act.

According to a decision by the European Court of Justice, intelligent software for time recording makes this task considerably easier. Online, mobile time recording is of great significance considering that every employee now has to record his time at work. The number of employees working on assignments outside the company or on construction sites is increasing in our service-based society, which makes mobile time recording the best solution for them.

Our software provides mobile or stationary chat systems for time recording. For example, the chat software allows users to enter the time in natural language on their smartphones. They also have automatic control over legal regulations and the working time models in the company.


Create your monthly settlement in an uncomplicated and clear way – whether for salaries or wages. You can see which working time data is still missing or inconsistent for the month-end closing.


You should always be the first to know if projects are going to be over budget.

How much time was spent on project ‘X’ 2.5 years ago? Is the project still below our planned in-house budget? Entries are easily integrated in Danielle Talk and the evaluation database can answer any question you may have about any project.

360-degree feedback

Why not optimise your management culture by implementing a fully automated and easy-to-use all-round survey/360-degree feedback?

With the help of the 360°-degree feedback, employees can assess their own performance and optimise it by reviewing other assessments. Firstly, they assess themselves (self-image) and then compare this with assessments made from different perspectives, (external image), for example by colleagues, superiors and staff. The questions remain the same and result in a comprehensive image that compares how employees see themselves and how others see them.


Very good

Everything OK

Could be better


My assessment


My staff say


My colleagues say


My superior says


A personnel file is created automatically for each participant using the participant’s data entered for the survey. The results of the survey are automatically stored in this file. The participants’ results can then be compared when another survey is conducted.

If you do not wish to take advantage of the many benefits provided by the personnel file, there is no need to fill this with data. However, it is a useful tool for storing results that you can also export and archive individually.

Operating instructions

Information on the application is provided on the following pages from the perspective of human resources departments (creation of a survey) and from that of the participants (participation in a survey).

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