In the employee overview in the time recording, it is possible to export the recorded working times for all or a selection of employees for a defined period.

To do this, go to(Export employee time recording).

You can set the following filters:

  • Period (monthly or manual)
  • Selection of month and year
  • Contracts

You can then select all employees or only a part and export the working times for the period as an Excel document.

If you want to list several recorded times per day individually and obtain a total, select .

Tips for the print setting

If you need a one-sided printable timesheet per employee, we recommend the following print setting:

Landscape format, Adjust: 1 page
In addition, under Header/Footer, select the sheet name as the heading so that the reference to the employees is displayed on the individual pages.

The settings in this dialogue box only affect the current spreadsheet.

If you want to transfer print settings to another worksheet, proceed as follows:

  1. Activate the spreadsheet with the page layout settings to be transferred.
  2. Press the CTRL key and keep it pressed.
  3. Click one after the other in the table tab on the tables to which you want to transfer the layout.
  4. Release the CTRL key when you have selected all the desired tables in the table tab.
  5. Call up the SET UP PAGE dialogue box.
  6. Do not make any changes, but confirm the dialogue window with the OK button.

Excel then applies the settings of the current table to all marked sheets.

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