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Once you have logged into the Danielle Software, please select Time recording.

If you are registered as a superior, you will see not only your name, but also the names of your staff.

If you are not a superior, you will only see your own entries in the Employee overview.

Overview of time recording for the employee Ingrid Lindholm

Retroactive time recording is also possible

By using the buttons   you can only capture the working time as a period (total time per day) or by using start and end. A break can be added to the entry or can be recorded separately using Record break.

Of course, you can also enter only the start time when work begins, record a break separately and add the end time when work ends to the initial record.

Entry with start and an extra break (end time is missing)

The end time was added and the working hours calculated.

Extraordinary working time that was configured in your company can also be selected, e.g. vocational school or short-time work (see Personnel-related events Short-time work).

Vocational school as extraordinary working time in addition to the work in the company

Time recording in real-time

These buttons are available for time recording in real-time:

Start working time or end break, start break, start working time

Use the buttons as you would a time clock and record your working time in real-time. However, extraordinary working time cannot be recorded in this way.

Both working time and breaks are entered exactly to the minute.

Time recording using the buttons in the application


Only the buttons that can be used currently are active. If you have already started to record working time, the start button becomes inactive.

If working time has not ended, you cannot start the working time recording.

In this case, the user is informed of when working time recording was last started:

Please contact your HR department, as working time cannot be ended retroactively (only within 24 hours).

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