All relevant information on the individual employees is contained in the electronic personnel files. The history is complete and continuous meaning that you can always discover the time an entry is made as well as its creator. Other activities concerning employees, such as participation in a 360-degree feedback and the results, are also stored in the personnel file. Similar to paper files, documents can be stored in digital personnel files. All digitised documents can be stored beside the fields for which they are relevant. For example, a household certificate can be uploaded beside the address field and displayed there.

The scope of the documents that are uploaded is unlimited and can be defined by you. When you start the personnel file, you will find default recommendations that we have stored but that you can edit and overwrite at any time.

The personnel file contains all the essential information on an employee. This ensures a comprehensive overview.

Creating a new personnel file

Please click on in the employee overview to create a new personnel file. You then immediately access the mask for creating a new employee file.

The following mandatory fields have to be filled for the creation of a new personnel file:

Personal information

  • Business e-mail address
  • Status
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Language; a language must be defined as the mother tongue

Editing personnel files

You can access a personnel file by clicking on the employee in question in the employee overview.

To edit an existing personnel file, please select the tab required, e.g. in the section Personal information and make the changes. The changes will not be stored automatically, but has to be used for this purpose.


If a participant’s data (e.g. department, name) have to be edited for a new survey, the data will be included in the respective personnel file. However, an e-mail address cannot be changed because this is considered as an employee’s individual feature.

Please note that dependencies (e.g. superiors, colleagues) have to be changed manually.

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