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If an important part of your of an employee's contract changes (working time model, contract type, basic leave, weekly working hours, change of company), please capture the amendment please capture any amendments to the contract.

For this purpose, go to Contracts in the respective employee the employee file and in question and insert the amendment by clicking on .

The following message appearsis displayed:


After confirming the message, you can fill in the details of the new contract. When a second contract is created, a table of contracts is generated so that it is possible to view, edit and delete the contract and its parts at any time. If an end date is set in the old contract, the new contract automatically becomes valid one day later. However, the start date can be overwritten.


Please select the following:

  • Company
  • Contract type
  • Valid from (the day after the old contract ends is automatically predefined)
  • End date, if known
  • Basic leave, if different from standard values
  • Weekly working hours, if different from standard values


Example of contract conversion amendments from full-time to part-time with modified basic leave and weekly working hours.

Please note that the working time model must has also be adapted, with the validity to be changed and becomes valid on the start date of the new contract.

From the start date of the new contract, the annual leave is recalculated, as well as the remaining leave in the event of termination. For Luxembourg, Germany and Austria, the statutory The legal regulations are applied when calculating basic leave for Luxembourg, Germany and Austria.

If the weekly working time is reduced, please  adjust the working time model manually with the Valid from date for the contract.


Display of the first (old) contract


Display of the current contract