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All relevant contract information is stored in this section, except for details on money. Not only the start date, the number of working hours per week, holiday entitlement etc. are captured here but also all information concerning national insurance and other personal data required by law. The relevant fields are displayed in accordance with the country where the company’s office is registered and bound by contract. If any fields are missing, you can add these by using the settings.

We would advise you to store a scanned version of all documents relevant to a contract. These include for example:

  • Personnel-related documents and contract documents such as employment contracts or work permits
  • Copies of official certificates (e.g. disability pass)
  • Receipts for issue of materials
  • Confidentiality agreements 

It is advisable to store documents that only cover a limited time under Event-related documents, e.g.

  • Doctors’ notes
  • Maternity leave
  • Sabbatical year

Training certificates are stored under the heading Training.

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