We would like to inform you about the new software functionalities that were implemented in July under the version 2.1.11.

Enhancement of existing sections

  • Employees
    Login language is the same as the native language
    In order to create an employee’s file, the native language has to be assigned as a mandatory field. This is also used as the configured language when the employee logs in to the Danielle software for the first time and remains the same provided that the employee does not change his user settings (language). Danielle Software is currently available in German, English and French. If the language stored is not one of these languages, English is used as the default language.

    Blocking the chatbot for certain employees
    If certain employees are not allowed to use the chatbot ‘Danielle Talk’ for recording working hours, sick days or requests for leave, these can be blocked under user management in the personnel file. However, general questions on employment laws are permitted. If an employee has set a lock function, he or she will receive, for example, the following answer regarding a cancellation of leave:
    ‘A link is not possible. Please contact your HR department’.

    Once the box has been ticked, the employee can use ‘Danielle Talk’ again to its full extent. If the employee uses the software via a mobile phone and a messenger, the previous link (authentication) with Danielle software is required.

  • Time recording
    Blocking access protection for certain employees
    This allows you more flexibility in the authorisation settings for individual employees. Two new boxes have been added to the user management section of each personnel file which enables the following:
    1. Change of time recording for employees allowed
      If this box is deactivated, the employee in question can only change his/her own working hours recorded. If the employee is a personnel manager, he/she can see the times recorded by his employees, but cannot change these or make entries. This box is ticked by default.
    2. Display all employees in time recording:
      If this box is activated, all the times recorded for all employees are shown to the employee in question although he/she cannot change these.

Simplified display of working times in the working time account for export
There is a new function in the working time account to make it easier to prepare salary statements and display working hours including sick days and time off each month. If this box is not activated, then all the times recorded are added up to a daily total. When activated, each recorded entry is disclosed individually, e.g. 4 hours vocational school, 4 hours work.

External use of time recording terminals
If you use our time recording terminals, you can now update them externally and enter new employees or modified IDs for transponder chips or fingerprints. Above all, this makes it much easier to operate several devices at different locations. There is a new option for settings in the company configuration that applies to the whole company:

If this box is ticked (don’t forget to save), the IDs captured for external time recording (in the user management of the personnel file) are automatically transferred to all terminals available. This may take several minutes. A further entry or assignment at the terminal is therefore not required. This box is not ticked by default.

In addition, some errors in the chatbot, time recording, resubmissions and requests for leave have been eliminated.


Should you have any questions regarding these modifications, please contact us at any time support@danielle-software.com.

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