We would like to inform you about the new software functionalities that were implemented in July under the version 2.1.11.

Enhancement of existing sections

Simplified display of working times in the working time account for export
There is a new function in the working time account to make it easier to prepare salary statements and display working hours including sick days and time off each month. If this box is not activated, then all the times recorded are added up to a daily total. When activated, each recorded entry is disclosed individually, e.g. 4 hours vocational school, 4 hours work.

External use of time recording terminals
If you use our time recording terminals, you can now update them externally and enter new employees or modified IDs for transponder chips or fingerprints. Above all, this makes it much easier to operate several devices at different locations. There is a new option for settings in the company configuration that applies to the whole company:

If this box is ticked (don’t forget to save), the IDs captured for external time recording (in the user management of the personnel file) are automatically transferred to all terminals available. This may take several minutes. A further entry or assignment at the terminal is therefore not required. This box is not ticked by default.

In addition, some errors in the chatbot, time recording, resubmissions and requests for leave have been eliminated.


Should you have any questions regarding these modifications, please contact us at any time support@danielle-software.com.