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Request for leave

Employees’ requests for leave are displayed for superiors and all HR staff in their Follow-ups section. Once a request for leave has been processed, the entry in the Follow-ups application is deleted.

Processing several leave requests at the same time

Superiors and HR staff can now approve or reject multiple leave requests from different employees at the same time via follow-ups.

To do this, the desired lines must first be selected by activating the corresponding check boxes on the left. These can then be processed collectively using the or

buttons (on the right).

All notifications that do not concern leave requests are excluded from processing and marked as in active by their colour.

A confirmation dialogue is displayed as to whether the approval or rejection should really be carried out. When it is confirmed, the previously selected records are processed and then removed from the follow-ups.

Sick note missing

You can specify if and when you want a reminder in the “Follow-ups” section for employees on sick leave who have yet to submit a sick note. This can be done via the “Setup” application under “Company” → Days for health insurance certificate. When the period has elapsed, a reminder will be generated in the “Follow-ups” section for the HR staff as well as the employee on sick leave. It will be displayed in the user’s My Follow-ups section in a separate table.

Uploaded sick note requires validation

An employee reports sick and uploads a sick note. For HR users, an entry indicating that a sick note was uploaded and needs to be checked is generated in their Follow-ups section.

By clicking on this entry, the Absences view of the employee is displayed, and the sick note can be checked and signed off using the button.

HR and employee view

After the sick note has been checked, the status will be updated to checked.

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