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All data are always encrypted during the storage process in Danielle Software. You can also increase security by using the symmetric-key algorithm (see In this case, you have to download the encoder. When the encoder is started, a file entitled ‘.key’ will be generated.

The file must be stored on every computer so as the encrypted data can be read. The ‘.key’ file has to be uploaded every time you log into the application.

This term is the security key and cannot be changed; it encrypts all data irrevocably.

If a person has registered in the application but the security key is not available, which would be possible if a smartphone is used for access, login is still possible since the person has authorised access. Then all the data that could identify the person cannot be read. The employee can only be identified by means of the internal personnel number. Documents cannot be uploaded or viewed without the security key because texts containing information identifying the person can appear in documents in many different ways.


The following data are encrypted:

  • Personal  information such as e-mail address, name, postal address, date and place of birth, nationality, marital status, banking details and personal      contact details
  • Information on employment contracts, working conditions, holiday entitlement and notice of termination
  • Information on education
  • Details on the department as well as business contact details
  • Additional contact details such as holiday address or address in emergencies
  • Events and resubmissions

Please note that Danielle Software will be unable to help you view or export data if you lose your security key.

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