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Cut-offs for time recording can be added individually for each employee. It is best to start time recording with a cut-of, e.g. if the employee starts with overtime or undertime. For this purpose, please go to   . Then enter the date for the cut-off e.g. 01/01. From this point on, you can decide what to do with the overtime or undertime, e.g. payment, transfer to the next period or time off in lieu. After the cut-off, working hours are then calculated from zero or from the time recorded.

In this case, a check is carried out to ensure that the date is not before the last cut-off and not in the future.

Overtime or undertime is calculated up to the time of the cut-off. Extra pay accumulated up to this point is also calculated if this function is used. If required, users can enter a comment for any cut-off.

It is advisable to make regular cut-offs for employees’ dates and times that have been recorded, e.g. monthly or at least yearly. This ensures safe processing and further processing regarding entries, payments or invoicing on the basis of times and dates as well as a smooth transfer to your next business period.