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On the one hand, events Events may be event-related documents such as sick notes or on the other hand deadlines for resubmission datesthey may be deadlines with a follow-up date.

To create a new event-related document, please select   and and enter the corresponding subject in question, e.g. first“first-aid certificatecertificate”. All topics created so far are saved in the selection list. You can select one from the list choose among those, or enter a new subject topic by overwriting, if necessary.

If a resubmission follow-up date is needed, please use the calendar function to enter thisit. All resubmission follow-up documents will be sent together, at the given time, in one e-mail to all users who have been assigned the “HR” profile HR. In this way, all project administrators are informed about resubmission follow-up deadlines at the same time. This is repeated every day unless an event-related document is marked as Completed by setting a check mark for Completed and this is savedselecting the Completed check box and the saving the changes. Apart from that, events are displayed in Notifications.

It is also possible to upload attach a document. If you directly upload a document directly and do not enter anything as a subject, the name of the document (without file name extension) will automatically be automatically adopted used as the subject (without a format ending).

Events can be deleted and changed at any time.

On the follow-up date, the events are also listed in the electronic file under “Follow-ups”.

titleExamples of event-related documents
  • Certificates that Certificates that have to be renewed regularly (first-aid certificatestraining, instructions for security instructions for forklift licences, health certificates, power of attorney certificates, criminal record checks, matriculation university enrolment certificates for working students)
  • Personnel interviewsPersonnel appraisals
  • Bonus agreementsBonus agreements
  • Sick notes