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  • Employees
    A representative can be entered for each employee. In the event of his or her own absence, the deputy representative is granted full representation rights, such as leave or overtime permits.
    Further details under Department

  • Time Recording
    Create a time span for the interruption of working time between two work shifts for an automatic posting of breaks in case of a shortfall. If the defined interruption of working time is undercut by a manual time posting, the difference between the posted time and the defined interruption of working time is posted as a break.

    Further details under Configuration of Working Time Models Setup of working time models

  • Absences
    A leave request made via Danielle Talk or the application now initiates an automatic email to the applicant, the human resources department and the supervisor. However, the applicant can additionally inform the department by ticking the box Additional info to department.
    Further details under Absences

  • Payment
    If only the registered user has received an email notification that a new invoice has been made available for download, you can now also enter a second billing address. If this field is filled, an email with the invoice attached will be sent to the registered user as well as to the additional e-mail address. Furthermore there is the possibility to download the invoice in the payment area.
    Further details under Payment

  • Company Settings
    In this program you can make individual settings for your company. If you want to block the working time account view and the query for your employees for your company, you can set this centrally in the configuration. The time recording can be done by the employees as usual via the application or Danielle Talk.

    It is also possible to set that employee rights are inherited hierarchically. This means that a supervisor can also see the absences and time recordings of his employees' employees, if desired. In the standard system, it is specified that the view is only displayed on a sublevel, that is, the superior only sees his or her own employees.
    Further details under Configuration

Should you have any questions regarding these modifications, please contact us at any time