An employee’s department and job profile are documented here. If an employee has been created via a 360-degree feedback, the fields for the department and the superior will be pre-populated.


The selectable options under Department are generated automatically based on the departments entered in the 360-degree feedback and those defined in the personnel files. Of course, you can add new departments in addition to those in the list by simply entering them directly in the text box.

If an employee changes departments, the previous department entry date is overwritten with the new date, and the new department has to be entered. The old information is stored and can always be viewed using the history .

The position of an employee within the corporate organisation chart can be viewed by clicking on.  The organisation chart is created by the system based on the department data.

Superiors and cost centres

A superior can be selected from all the employees that have been created. Each employee can only have one superior to ensure the correct mapping of the employee/superior relationships. It’s up to you to decide whether superiors are defined based on disciplinary processes or projects.

The Cost centre is only used for documentation purposes for accounting procedures or other business systems.


A deputy can be set in an employee’s personnel file. In the field Deputy of, a person who the respective employee can stand in for can be designated. In the field Is represented by, a person who can stand in for the respective employee is displayed (their deputy).

The deputy arrangement applies in two cases:

  1. If an employee is ill or on leave, a deputy can stand in for them during this time to answer enquiries or take care of similar matters.
  2. If a supervisor is ill or absent, the deputy also takes over his duties in Danielle Software during this time. The following tasks may have to be carried out:
    • Approving or rejecting requests for leave
    • Receiving and checking sick notes
    • Approving or rejecting overtime
    • Carrying out corrections in time recording and for absences

Basically, a deputy can always view what the superior has access to as well, i.e. all absences and the time recording for the superior’s staff. But only when a deputy is deployed, they are given the rights to complete tasks and receive leave requests and follow-ups as an additional assignee.


If the person has a manager role (is a superior to other employees), all associated employees are listed here. Here, only a non-editable list of the corresponding names is displayed. The list results from the designation of these persons as a superior for the employees displayed. The field cannot be edited.

Work group/team

You can enter the name of a work group or team in this field or select one of the existing entries (if any). Below, all members of the team are listed.

Job and role descriptions

Since job and role descriptions may differ, two separate fields are provided. Example:



 Job Description



Vehicle fleet South

 Manager Vehicle fleet South

Manager Vehicle fleet


Vehicle fleet South




Vehicle fleet North

 Manager Vehicle fleet North

Manager Vehicle fleet


Vehicle fleet North



Job descriptions should be kept short and should provide details on an employee’s current position.

Role descriptions can contain a comprehensive explanation of an employee’s activities, including rights and duties. Thus, they reflect what is expected for the job. 

Internal communication and skills

An employee’s business communication details can be stored here.

A number of other skills that an employee has can be entered under “skills”.


Class 2 driving licence

XY tool certification

XY machine certification

In contrast to the knowledge and skills entered under Education, the skills entered here refer to a specific field of work in a department.

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