After receiving the invitation mail, you can log in as a participant with your initial password for the survey. You will be immediately asked to change your password. The initial password is generated at random automatically and is not stored anywhere so that anonymity is ensured.

Please click on the tile Participation in a survey.

As soon as a survey is activated and you are assigned as a participant in this survey, the current survey to which you can submit assessments is displayed automatically. In your role as administrator, you can always see the survey under the tile even if you do not participate in the assessments.

You are currently on the overview page which provides you with a general view of survey participation.

This option is only permitted by the persons in the participant list and the assessment matrix as well as registered users (logged in users).

All participants, who do not belong to the HR department selected, only see the tile Participation in a survey and cannot affect the tile Creation of a survey.

HR staff, who have to participate in the survey, are granted writing access to both tiles Creation of a survey and Participation in a survey.

HR staff, who are named in the participant list but have been deleted from the evaluation matrix, only receive writing access to the tile Creation of a survey since they do not have to answer the questionnaire.

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