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Rough check

To check the settlement, please export this view under .

Open the exported Excel document. All data has been written below each other.

Sample Export

On the first day of the settlement, a booking cut was automatically set, as can be seen in the sample export.

Here you can roughly see whether all employees who have to record times have done so and whether the target and actual working times match.

Detailed check

When exporting, you have the option of displaying all employee data in separate tabs, so that you get a separate data sheet for each employee. This facilitates the individual check, also by the employee himself.

Choose. Then go back to Export.

Sample Export with Tabs

Planned times

If you run your settlement before the end of the current month, the future days until the end of settlement (e.g. last day of the month) are filled as planned times according to the set working time model (planned work). These values are used to calculate and create the settlement. If there is a change in the planned work, this is included as a correction in the subsequent settlement.

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