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We would like to inform you about the new software functionalities that were implemented in November under the version 1.2.3.

Enhancement of existing sections

  • Employees
    Employees without an e-mail address

    It is uncommon for each employee to have an e-mail address in companies where very few employees have their own PC. Due to this, a user name can be entered from now on.

    Please enter all relevant data as usual when you create a new employee. Then enter any e-mail address in the mandatory field ‘Business e-mail address’, e.g. in the format of your other company email addresses (z. B. This does not have to be a real e-mail address but it is only to be used as a user name and thus, as a login name for the employee in question. Once you enter the profile as Employee or HR under Department, a new tab ‘User Management’ is added. The following should be set for the employee under user management: ‘No mail delivery’. This means that no e-mails will be sent to the employee from Danielle Software. Since the e-mail address does not exist, but is only used for login purposes, there is no need to deliver e-mails.

    Please see user administration for more details.

Should you have any questions regarding these modifications, please contact us at any time

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