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If you would like to re-instate employ a former employee (alumnus), you can do so by using the alumni file.

Please open the alumni file for the employee to be re-instated, click onand select in the following dialogue whether the former employee should be assigned old or new contractual data.

The date set for Valid from is equivalent to the re-instatement employment date for the former employee.



employment with former contractual data

This setting is useful, for example, for seasonal workers who are re-employed under the same conditions as before.

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Re-employment with former contractual data

The employee starts with the working time model, basic leave, company, contract type, department and superior that were previously configured. The start date for the contract changes to the date selected under Valid from.



employment with new contractual data

This setting is useful if setting is useful if a former employee is to be re-instated employed in a new department after several years or has to work fewer hours (part-time contract).

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Re-instatement employment with new contractual data

If new contractual data are required for a re-instatementemployment, a new company can now be selected, if necessary. Contract type, basic leave and weekly working hours as well as the working time model remain empty and have to be configured.

In both cases, a new contract is added to the existing contract(s) to show that the employee is entering into a new contract with the company. This can be seen in the personnel file under Contracts.