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This is the display of the employee overview with the leave booking, planning and annual leave as well as absence due to illness.

This view is displayed to employees in the personnel department as well as to supervisors and employees.
The personnel department can approve, reject, and/or cancel all entries (if not already taken).
Superiors see their own entries and those of their employees, and can react to requests made there (approve, reject).
Employees without personnel responsibility only see their own leave entries and can plan, request, and/or cancel them.

Filtered by company, company holidays and group holidays can be entered.

The selected company is assigned company holidays for a certain period during which the employees must take time off. This means that leave is automatically deducted for this period for the duration of the company vacation.

The selected company is assigned a group vacation for a certain period of time. These days are added to the leave budget for all employees of the selected company.

As soon as you select an employee, the absences for the selected period are displayed in a table below.

Leave entries that have been requested can be approved, rejected or canceled directly here. Approved entries can only be canceled, and leave days already taken are only displayed and cannot be edited subsequently.

Capture absence

To capture absences using the application, choose the button:

The duration is calculated automatically from the start and end of the absence. However, if you have other regulations, you can overwrite the value under Duration.

If you wish to send an email to the employee, the whole department and/or the superior, please tick the appropriate boxes.

As soon as the entry has been saved, the selected emails will be sent via the vacation request in the respective status.

The leave date requested above from 14.-15.03.2019 was entered in the table with the status "requested".

Book illness

To book absences due to illness, you can use the button directly:

It is possible to directly attach a certificate of incapacity for work issued by the doctor to this entry. Of course, this can also be done afterwards at any time.

Special/remaining leave

The personnel department has the option of assigning special leave days to individual employees, e.g. for the child's wedding or for a move. There are legal requirements for this, which can of course be extended within the company. It is also possible to book out remaining leave.

Add 2 days of special leave for your own wedding

By adding two days of special leave to the leave overview for the current year, the employee receives two extra days of the special leave type, which he or she can book as special leave on occasion. For some special leave, such as a move or wedding, it is mandatory to upload a proof document (marriage certificate, transfer certificate). These days can only be stored for the employee if a corresponding proof document is available.

The following status messages for absences are supported:

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